In such a competitive word, it's imperative for everyone to have a good education because it's a self-enlightening process. Education etches a path to build your own identity and a stronger foundation in life.
Education is a necessity for every boy and girl equally, as education for all make a healthy and educated society. It's essential so that they can understand the essence of life and basic principles of humanity.
Here at 5678 Media Group, we thrive to empower boys and girls to pursue education early on so that they can tackle any challenges with proper thought and logic.
Many women in Southeast Asia still suffer from gender inequality. Many females from adolescent girls to older women struggle to get the education they deserve. Gender inequality is a huge obstacle that women face and it’s the core of what prevents them from getting education. As long as women are perceived to be less than men they will face gender discrimination. It is widely known that gender inequality still exists in some parts of this world. Well today, we will be focusing on this social issue that still occurs in Southeast Asia. Women in Southeast Asia struggle to get proper education because of gender inequality.
5678 Media Group is hosting this gala in order to increase the awareness of this issue around the world. We hope our attendees will support us in aiding these women and adolescent girls in gaining the education and rights they deserve as human beings.
Operation backpack to serve community children with essential need of school supplies.
Through Operation Backpack mission was to make backpack full of school supplies to support the children who lack the proper supplies and are therefore unable to get a full education. So I am not only thankful that I was given this wonderful opportunity to give back to the community, but am also aware of my own community and its needs!!

Ambassador of the African Union to the United Nations Ambassador, H.E. Antonio Tete

Ambassador Extraordinary of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Malawi to the United Nations,
H.E. Ambassador Necton D. Mhura

Please welcome Consul General of
India, NY Mrs. Riva Ganguly Das

Humanitarian Activist/Free & Equal Campaign Representative,
India, Celina Jaitley